The Roskill South neighbourhood at the foot of Puketāpapa (Mount Roskill) will see construction of up to 920 new warm, dry and healthy homes. These are part of the Roskill Development where 11,000 new terraced houses and apartment houses are being built over the next 15 years. These homes are a mix of state, market and more affordable houses.

LEAD Alliance is laying the groundwork for the new homes and spaces communities need.
Our job is to enable the land for building, and construct new and upgraded streets, parks and public spaces to create a safer, greener and more connected neighbourhood. We’re delivering high quality infrastructure which supports community growth and raises the standard of living.

The Roskill Development is a Kāinga Ora project.
For more information, head to the Roskill Development website.

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Did you know there is an info centre where you can pop in and talk with the Roskill Development team?

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If you have a question or there’s a problem related to the work going on in your street, please get in touch. LEAD Alliance is keen to help while we are working in your area enabling the land for the house builders. Once the builders start, please contact the company on site or the Roskill Development team.